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Let me just take a quick moment to say, thank you. You have just made a great decision in terms of your guitar playing. I'm proud of my eBooks and I know they will help you with your guitar playing in so many ways going forward.

...Saying that I know some people need more and that's why today I'm offering the new 14-Day (And Beyond) Kickstarter programme.

'The 14-Day (And Beyond) Kickstarter'

'The 14-Day (And Beyond) Kickstarter' is my brand new, programme that will help you transform your motivation, solve your most problematic issues, and teach you your favourite song.

Please watch the video at the top of this page for the details but here is a summary of what you will get...

Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Get When You Say "YES" Today

  • A 14-Day (And Beyond) Kickstarter Plan (Value $47). This will motivate you, fix your bad habits, and help you transform your playing... Features EXACT instructions and short, quick video tuition showing you exactly what to do
  • 1 x 30-minute live coaching call with me  (Value $97). You can use this on Zoom, WhatsApp, Facetime, or phone - the choice is yours and you can use this anytime now or in the future.
  • VIP Support and an extra follow-up call if you need it (Value $97). I want you to know I have your back so until we get you to where you want to be, I will give you priority VIP email support, and a free follow up call.
  • A choice of ANY of my courses for free for completing the 14-day tasks (Value up to $197) - Yep, to say "well done" for completing the tasks you'll get any course of mine for free.
  • Play your favourite song! ($97) I've never offered this before, but now I will teach you any song you like (as long as it is not overly complex in structure). I'll notate it, transcribe it, check it, and then send you the PDF of how to play it using my "No Chord Fingerstyle" method - this is where you will play the song beautifully but in a simple way.

Only Available Here

I've never offered this programme anywhere before.

I may not offer it again. 

If I do, the price will likely go up.

It takes a lot of work to create arrangements for students, time on the call, support, replying to students, and helping them with any issues...

So why am I offering this... especially when I could just take on a new private student and charge much more for it?

I love helping students, and I am passionate about it.

Even though it's not cheap, this is still a whole lot less expensive than private one-to-one tuition, and that means I can help more people. 

BUT the difference between this and private lessons is...

With this, you won't have to drive all over town looking for a good teacher (and it's pot luck if you find a teacher you will "click" with), but...

The main thing is...

I guarantee you will get results

Rightly or wrongly, most teachers will take your money each week whether or not you get results.

...But I guarantee that as long as you complete the very simple tasks, and you don't see the results you're after...

I'll keep working with you until you do see results.

That is how passionate I am about your progress.

So take a moment to imagine in two weeks' time...

You have built up good habits, improved your technique, got all your issues sorted, your questions answered, 10x your motivation...

...And you can play a beautiful version of your favourite song...

Plus, you keep the progress going beyond the 14 days with any one of my courses for free just for completing the challenge.

...But remember, the tasks are simple. It's not about complicated stuff, it's about making sure you build good, simple habits!

So, if you want in, this is the only place you can opt in . Click "yes" below and I can't wait to get started. 

No refunds on the "14-Day (And Beyond) Kickstarter" Programme

Although I do not offer a refund guarantee on this, I do guarantee I will help you see real results, and I will keep working with you until we get them for you, even after the 14 days. I am passionate about your success.

One-time offer

A simple one-time payment. NO monthly fees. 

Value $535

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