Attention: Have you played guitar for months, years, or decades and still feel like you're getting nowhere, you're tired of learning on YouTube, and having no plan to follow?

If you can tune a guitar,

Then you too can transform your guitar playing in less than 7 days (by doing this one thing)

WITHOUT needing to practise for hours on end, without chords, scales, or theory

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  • Get instant access to a simple, step-by-step system that will improve your guitar playing immediately
  • Takes just 7 minutes and 43 seconds per day and works if you feel you have "no ear for music" or zero "natural talent"
  • Helped 23,435 guitarists play stunning music on guitar using the T.E.S.T Method

From the studio of guitar teacher, Dan Thorpe...

Dear guitarist,

Hey, my name is Dan Thorpe and I'm here today because I want to give you something called the "7-Day Guitar Transformation Course".

But before I give you access to it, I want to tell you how it was created and...

Why this simple system will work for you, no matter how frustrating or confusing you have found the guitar and...

No matter how many times you have been trying to learn.

This 7-day plan is not something I made up on the spot. In fact, I've spent 11 years perfecting this plan for you...

...And have written two best-selling Amazon books (see image)

So after helping guitarists all 'round the world I want to help you too.

So this is what happened...

A few months ago, I got an email from Lee asking for guitar lessons.

...And what happened next shocked me.

As he stepped into my studio, this big, tough guy broke down and dropped this bombshell as he said:

"I've been struggling on guitar for 40 years. I can't even play a song. I've been trying so hard. I could cry."

"My wife laughed at me when I played her favourite song"

Lee talked of how he'd hide away, practising his guitar in near silence...

So he would never feel the shame of having his wife hear him play ever again...

...Because after years of trying to learn from YouTube AND being utterly confused, his chords still buzzed AND his songs were still unrecognisable.

With no plan, no clarity, his motivation to practise had come to a standstill...

...but little did he know his practice was lacking just ONE critical thing...

Yet his fingers were so sore they looked like they were about to bleed.

Lee said, "Dan, I'm a retired firefighter, I've done triathlons, and trekked the Himalayas.


"Learning guitar is by far the hardest thing I've ever tried and geez, it's not like I want to play in front of millions!"

He felt like smashing his guitar up, and was jealous of his guitar playing friends and overcome by guilt for not practising, even though this is a lifelong dream.

He was almost ready to quit but...thankfully he tried this one method that changed everything for him...

Let me show you now...

How this one single thing can transform your guitar playing in just 7 days

It started with me showing him the MISSING PIECE of the puzzle.

This is what I teach EVERYBODY in their first guitar lesson.

This one thing will help you play with less tension, pain, and soreness, and it speeds up chord changes, makes songs sound more musical, and will increase your confidence...

And within moments, Lee felt calmer and more reassured...

...and I could see the burning passion for guitar was still there in his eyes.

This led to Lee's guitar playing being almost unrecognisable in just 7 days.

Now fast forward to today...

Although his playing is not yet perfect, he loves practising every day.

And in one week he went from not being able to play anything to stunning his wife with her favourite song

His wife compliments the beautiful music he has dreamt of playing for years... and now he even jams with his guitarist friends.

Now, I'll show you how you can discover the secrets behind Lee's breakthrough, BETTER YET...

THIS DOES NOT require learning boring theory, long hours of practising, scales or even chords!

...And because of the way this system has been created, you won't even even need to read music or know how to read tab.

This might sound impossible and you might think it won't work for you because you have

"no natural talent" or "no ear for music"

...but let me show you how it will work for you whether you're 22, 42, or 72.

...and how if you're confused, lacking a simple plan or just have a gut feeling you've been learning it wrong all this time...

...then this can change it all for you too...

...because if you practise exactly what I will show you, in one week, you too can see stunning results in your guitar playing...

Along with the way you look, move, and feel...

Starting almost immediately.

Curious? If so, let's jump in...

The 7-Day Transformation Plan That Will Bring More Joy and More Happiness to Your Guitar Playing (And Life)

Here's the deal...

The 7-Day Transformation Plan is where I take my "T.E.S.T. Method" of teaching guitar and put it together into a super refunded...

Quick, affordable, and ground-breaking method to help you transform your guitar playing in just 7 days.

  • I say QUICK because it's one of the fastest courses you can take, meaning ANYONE can finish it no matter how short on time you are.
  • I say it's AFFORDABLE… as it costs about 1/3 of the price of a pack of strings and costs just $1 per day over a week
  • And, I say it's GROUNDBREAKING because the lessons in the T.E.S.T. Method are simply not taught anywhere else. (I've spent 10,000+ teaching and refining this method along with $15,000+ on guitar tuition over the years, so you get only the best knowledge I've uncovered.)

Here's how it works and exactly what's inside...

  • Day 1 - Discover the ONE single thing that will reduce tension, pain, and soreness in your fingers, allowing you to have more fun as you play EVERYTHING more musically and with less frustration
  • Day 2 - Play one of the most famous songs ever which is perfect for building your confidence and impressing others. Best of all, it's just 8 notes long and super easy to play.
  • Day 3 - Ever get angry when you pluck the wrong strings? This one trick I learnt from David Gilmour instantly FIXES this painstaking issue so you can play songs with confidence and accuracy and WON'T want to throw your guitar out the window!
  • Day 4 - A simple foot tapping blues groove perfect for beginners that sounds like two guitars being played at once. If you want to play the bass and melody at the same time while stunning any audience, this is the perfect piece.
  • Day 5 - The cardinal sin that is probably destroying your rhythm. Discover this unusual technique in a 3 minutes and 34 seconds lesson and you'll instantly have better sounding songs and timing.
  • Day 6 - A rarely talked about picking technique learnt from Eric Clapton. This ONE THING will fix your bad habits, speed up your chord changes, and make you a 10x more consistent guitarist.
  • Day 7 - Play the most popular song I've ever taught. Each student fell in love with this stunning piece in moments, you will too. Learn it in under 9 minutes and you will have a masterful piece you can play anywhere, anytime to create memories and even romance.

The bottom line is, once the 7 days are up, your guitar playing will be transformed...

You'll have more fun, be more motivated, and have more fun...

...But to make 100% sure of that, and to give you results beyond the 7 days, I've created these special mini-workouts that my students love...

Get the daily 3-minute video "play along" workouts and make progress EVERY SINGLE DAY

Ever wanted a teacher sitting with you showing you EXACTLY what to do?

Well, these super simple, clear and concise video workouts are what my students love.

You won't even have to think about it. Simply start the video, play along with me and you'll notice big improvements on the key areas most guitarists are desperate to improve.

In the work you will improve your chord changes, timing, memory, co-ordination, songs, and more - and in less time than it takes to tie your shoelaces.

Plus, you can keep doing the daily workouts EVERY SINGLE DAY and noticing improvements in your playin, forever.

"It's like having a one-to-one lesson with Dan in his studio where he shows us exactly what to do. They're so fun!"

And if you worry about being overwhelmed, know this, the course is...

Specifically created so you can go at your own pace

No one wants to feel overwhelmed by learning something like guitar.

Practising guitar should be fun after all.

That's why this I've specifically made this course perfect for you to use at your own pace

Want to do all 7 days in a row? That's great, each lesson is super short and can easily be completed in a week or less.

but if you prefer to learn at a pace comfortable for you, you can as each lesson can be prad over a few days or longer, eaning you can go exactly at a pace that suits you.

and however you learn best, know this. this 7 day course will...

"Fill in the gaping holes in your playing"

Most guitarists unfortuantley miss many crucuaol lesson early on in their journey

this can set you back years, but rest assured we will fill in the gaps in a clear and methoducal way, soy ou can fix any bad habits, be a fully rounded guitarist and make up for any lost time.

this one thing alone will help you leap frog thosecountless guitarists are still searching around for the missing piece of the puzzle on youtueb.

And if you struggle with finding time to play. This will help because as one student told me today this fun course...

"Makes you want to pick up and play guitar EVERYDAY" - perfect if you need motivation

We all hate confsuoin.

Thats why every lesson is short, clear, concise, right to the point.

giveing you the roadmap to success on guitar.

So if you want results starting today, and increase self-belief, cofreicen and get the wheels truly in motion, you can get the course today...

because Ill take you by the hand each step of the way to heplp improve our technique, chord changes, songs, and ability to impress others and importantly, yourself with your guitar,.


YES DAN! Give Me Instant Access To The 7 Day Transformation Course RIGHT NOW For Just $7.00

  • Instant Access To The 7-Day Transformation Course (Value $197)
  • Full Access To The Breakthrough Beginner Training (Value $197)
  • Instant Access To The Fretboard Fireworks Course (Value $197)
  • Discover the "21 Pro Secrets" Training (Value $197)
  • Join The Exclusive Facebook F101 Group (Value $197)
  • Full Access To Your Perfect First 5 Songs (Value $197)
  • 90-Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

Total Value: $434

Today Just $7

It doesn't matter how good or bad you feel your playing is right now...

In fact...

...This works for all guitarists, both acoustic and electric, beginners, novices and intermediates

Beginers - you will the exact lessons you need to start of on the right foot and fix all your critical bad habits

Intermediates - fill in the holes in your playing and make more progress with the Fretboard Fireworks and Pro Secrets bonuses where you will learn from the likes of Eric Clapton, David Gilmour. (Read on for more on these)

. this is what a smak gabdful of students have sasi so far...

Get over 11 years and 10,000+ hours of teaching experience in one clear and concise course to give you FAST results

you miht be thinking this all sounds good but who are you and why should I learn from you?

Good question,

well, Im one of the very few guitar tutors out there who teaches in PERSON, has tught over 10000 hours over 11 years, is actaully qualified to teach (SEE IMAGE), has played 100s of shows, toured the country...

and far more impoantyl gets REAL resutls for students from DAY 1.

hERES me below playing a show supportig a huge band

Mow I know you probably dont want to be like Clapton and play the ROYAL aLBERT Hall or Woodstock but im sharing this with your so you know Ive done the hard yards so you dont have to.

I want to wrap tis up by saying where do you want to be with your playing.

100s of fguitarists out there are big progress with this siple system evry day the question is, do you want to join them?

What just a handful of Facebook users are saying about the 7-Day Transformation Plan

Gordon Lynch This course represents a gold mine of fingerstyle technique and advice for guitarists of all levels.


Like  Reply  4h

Mollie Dishal Your wonderful course now has me learning fingerstyle on my new steel string guitar…Your technique in teaching is perfect in clarity and pacing toward working-step-by-step toward mastery.


Like  Reply  4h

Carlos Garcia I love it! If a person like me who has a brain injury can learn some patterns anyone who wants to learn fingerstyle picking should get this. I'm no pro, still learning, but I'm happy with my purchase. Thanks Dan for taking the time to help wanna be guitar players like me.

Like  Reply  10h

Nancy Saber Omricon       ought Fingerstyle 101. Actually forgot I'd bought it because I was doing another program. Finally started using it and my gains have been incredible, thank you!!!

Like  Reply  1h

Marc Anderson I am almost 63. I bought my first guitar about 6 months ago. I have stubby, arthritic fingers... and I'm having the time of my life. I won't quit because of courses like Dan's. Every day I learn something new, and really it is just for me. Thank you, Dan.


Like  Reply  5h

STOP being a frustrated guitarist and instead look forward to practicing EVERYDAY

One thing many of my students dream of is being able to play guitar and jam with their families.

As well playing the songs of your youth, the guitar is perfect for creating special memories, that you can cherish and look back on forever. Just like I have with my own son, Archie. You can have this too...


When you order the 7-Day Transformation Course ($197 For Just $7.00)

You will get these bonuses for FREE

Bonus #1 - Breakthrough Beginner Course

"How to play start off your guitar playing journey the proper way!"

Total Value $97

Insert Image

Get a step-by-step plan that will start you of fproperly as if you are a brand new beginner walking into my studio for the first time. No matter how hard you try this specific course is just NOT on youtube ir anywhere like that.

You can dip in nd out as reecern to fill in any blanks or watch the 10 simple steps all taught in bitesize chunks, to help yensure wiake faster progrethe the 7 day plan allso playing and so you never feel lost or confused again.

Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of the 7-Day Transformation Plan 101 Today!

Bonus #2 - Fretboard Fireworks

"How to unlock the fretboard in 3 easy steps"

Total Value $97

Insert Image

Get the simple 3-step plan that takes the mysticism out of unlicking the fretboard.

aLL SO will allow you jam with any guitarist, backing track, song or on your own, anytime so you NEVER get bored or feel confused when trying to use the "dusty end of the guitar". AFTER WRITING 100s of songs and jamming for 1000+ hours you get my 3 most enjoyable breakthrough lessons on this subject.

Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of the 7-Day Transformation Plan 101 Today!

Bonus #3 - Pro Secrets

"How to play like your guitar heroes"

Total Value $97

Insert Image

I've trawled through dozens of hours of interviews and hundreds of books to create something special. It's the "Pro Secrets" as taught by the greatest guitarists of all time. Discover the most powerful tips, tricks i and mini lessons that made them legends of the guitar. Includes tips on from these legends of guitar..

  • Eric Clapton
  • Slash
  • Keith Richards
  • Mississippi John Hurt
  • B.B. King
  • David Gilmour
  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Tommy Emmanuel
  • Brian May
  • Chet Atkins
  • David Bowie
  • Mark Knopfler

Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of the 7-Day Transformation Plan 101 Today!

Bonus #4 - Facebook 101 Group

"Get support, advice and help from over 1700+ others just like you"

Total Value $47

Insert Image

Once you purchase this course, you will be given a secret link to join the Facebook group.

Inside you can ask questions and get help, motivation , and accountability when you need it. All this is proven to help YOU achieve goals and when I started learning with others, my resutls incresed 10x.

Where else can you find a group of like-minded others who are on the exact same journey you are?

Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of the 7-Day Transformation Plan 101 Today!

Bonus #5 - The Perfect First Five Songs

"How to stun yourself and others by playing these simple stunning songs"

Total Value $47

Insert Image

Ever tried playing a song to someone but they had no clue what you were playing? Or do your strumming songs sound boring without the singing? If so, you need to learn these 1-minute meldoies which will teach you five famous songs in just MINUTES.

Each song is easy to play, great any everone knows them. Impress others and yourself, have hours of fun jamming these, and get a huge shot of condficen as you learn five stunnig songs (a goal that most people never reach on guitar).

Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of the 7-Day Transformation Plan 101 Today!

And again, you get t the PLAN, the LESSONS, the powerful TIPS, the stunning SONGS,

For some f you this will be the diffecne between you reaching your guitar playing dreams or letting it gather dust in the attic.... That is why its so INEXPENSIVE.

What else can you buy for just $7?

Not even a poorly build cheap capo from Amazon which sends your guitar out of tune

or maybe a greasy slice of pizza

Insert Image

iN SHORT, you get my very best lessons from 11+ years of teaching in ione easy to follow ste-by-step course.

Imagine what it would be like to be confident enough to play your guitar anywhere

Picture this...

In less than 7 days month, you feel delighted by what you have achieved and the music you can now finally play.

Sit in the park and jam,

Take it camping or play in your garden as you and your neighbours enjoy the beaufiul sounds resonating through your guitar.

You pick up your guitar in the garden, sipping a beer or glass of wine as you smell the freshly cut grass and hear the birds chirping above you in the evening sun.

The beautiful music you play on guitar washes over you like a waterfall and resonates through your fingers.

You now feel confident that you can tackle any song, and you're free of the shackles and struggles of the past.

The songs that remind you of loved ones and special memories are now at your fingertips and you're a confident guitarist with a clear plan going forward...

....But not only that, it's time to make new memories with the guitar.

Life is short, and you live it fully, feeling vibrant, energetic, and youthful with your guitar in hand.

...All without a care in the world, not minding if your neighbours hear you play...

...And even secretly hoping they will...

As deep down you know they will be in awe of your new musical skills...

If you are fed up with starting over and over, now is your time...

...And do so with a smile on your face.

You could get the course which has changed the guitar playing and lives of many of my students

Best of all you can start in 30 seconds.

Once you hit the "YES, I want to order INSERT BUTTON NAME button this is what will happen...

You will simply fill out your details and payment and then you will be given lifetime access to the course which you can start in just 30 seconds.

Your login details will be emailed to you (so please enter your email accurately) and you will also be given an email address where you can get support any time should you need it.

Impressed my OTHER HALF with my first song today, and its only Day 1. I joke it's like I've borrowed Clapton's fingers!

You might ask, what's the catch?

Why am I getting all this just for $7?


There is NO catch!

You're not getting tricked into any monthly payment or anything like that.

Just one payment for $7 and that's it.

You can download it or you can stream it anywhere in the world 24/7. This is NOT a sneaky trial or anything like that.

We all know there are websites promising you "freebies" or 1 free month but then they secretly stick you into a program that charges your card every month.

This is NOT one of them. There's NO hidden "continuity program" or anything like that.

but in case you're wondering why I'm doing this... Well, there are actually a few reasons...

  • It's my way of saying thank you for being a dedicated subscriber.
  • I'm fed up of seeing others out there teach guitar in sub-standard way. Most tutors don't teach anything on good basic technique, they don't give students a proper plan. I want this to change.
  • It's my way of giving back. I'm incredibly lucky that I get to make a good living from teaching guitar, and feel it's my duty to give back (plus I love it).
  • I want you to be blown away and make massive progress in the next week. And then you'll stick with me, be student for life, hopefully, and buy more stuff....And I can mentor you and help you along the way. So you can keep having even more fun for years and years to come.

You can start in 30 seconds and be on the road to transforming your playing immediately.

You're going to get all this with lifetime access.

Time of the essence

This is a limited time offer at this price

...But we should say all this stuff, isn't going to be $7 forever though.

I'm going to end up at some point, probably increasing the price of the core course because of ad costs and stuff like that... But also some of the bonuses, I'll probably move into other things or sell separately.

So if you want it, do act today, click the button below and get it today because it's not going to be here forever.

  • What impact would it make to your life to make big improvements to your guitar playing in the next week?
  • How would you feel being able to play beautiful music, have a plan and be confident knowing you're going in a clear direction?

My Crazy Money back 100% guarantee you will love it

And if you do get it and you don't like it, you get all your oney back

Simply ask in 90 days and my team will give you an isntant refudn. And you can still keep teh course.

But I want you to be blown away by it. I'm going to help you motivate you but...

You must act fast

This is truly limited time offer so get your copy before they are all gone

Okay. To wrap it up, I hope you love the course.

The guitar will will give you more happiness in life, more self-belief in evrything you do and the unique muscial ability to wind down and relax at the end of the day.

...And even improve your relationships by playing for friends (you will have the confdiecen to do so),

Be more musical, improve your memory.

If I had a time machine, these are the exact steps I would teach all my students as well as teach myself!

Ultimately, my mission is to help you have much more fun fingerpicking on your guitar so you can cherish every moment with this wonderful instrument...

I want you to give this into your hands because I know how this can transform your guitar playing forever.

Thanks again,

Dan Thorpe

P.S. If you're like me you may have just skipped to the bottom of the page to see what the deal was.

If so, here it is....

You're going to get the 7 day transformation course (instant download or you can stream it anywhere in the world) .

This is the same course I teach to students when they come to my studio desperate for help. You will learn the exact lessons that take them from frustrated to elated in a week's worth of lessons.

I spent over 11 years perfecting this course. I show you this all in a step-by-step way NOW.

This isn’t just for beginners that are trying to turn the corner. There are plenty of secret strategies and ‘underground’ techniques for intermediate guitarists as well.


You will also get my Breakthrough beginner course, Fretboard Fireworks lesson, the Pro Secrets Mini Course, the Facebook group you can join and the Perfect First Five Songs everyone should learn.

And it’s only $7. That’s it.

So if you want to click the button below to get started...

Here's just a handful of the 629+ reviews my books have got on Amazon so far

The first edition was not perfect but it still got some stunning reviews. Here are some of those...

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*The BBC study on brain health was created as part of The Twinstitute series - Episode 4 of Series 1, first aired in 2019