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Unlock The "Magic" Of Christmas With the 

"No Chord Fingerstyle" Method So you can play an

elegant repertoire of timeless

 carols, Improve your technique, and experience more...

"Guitar Playing Joy"

Discover the excitement of playing your favourite holiday tunes with my brand-new course. Featuring unique renditions of classics such as "Silent Night" and "The First Noel"....

...And even a captivating 5-song medley so you can become a "One-Man/Woman Band" today, and play real music right away.

  • Play 5 stunning Christmas carols - brand new and never before taught arrangements of classics such as Hark! The Herald Angels Sing perfect for absolute beginners and intermediate guitarists
  • Impress yourself and your loved ones this Christmas - play these famous tunes that have stood the test of time and that are perfect if you're NOT a singer, don't like strumming, or you want to play real music quickly
  • Easy Fingerstyle melodies anyone can play - features step-by-step instructions, clear and concise HD videos, audio tracks, downloads, and full TAB and notation, meaning you can learn quickly and in a way that suits you best

Dear guitarist,

If you want to discover how to play stunning songs this Christmas, have more fun on the guitar... and improve your confidence, technique, and the amount of joy playing music can give you... I'll show you how.

Here's the story:

I've just filmed and released a brand new course called...

Christmas Crackers

It's a short HD video course that you can use to see real progress starting today.

...But it requires you to be open to a new way of learning songs. It's intended for guitarists willing to put in the effort and those who want to learn something they can play today and enjoy forever.

And those who understand that "focused practice", as used by the guitar greats, is crucial for gaining more happiness, success, potential better brain health, and better technique. This is precisely what this course is designed to achieve.

The course works by solving:

The Two Major "song" issues that 


most guitarists' enjoyment

If you've played for a while, you'll know that songs on the guitar are usually taught in the following cliché ways:

Option #1 - "Boring" strumming songs

Most people are taught to try to piece together chords and strumming patterns for months or years, tediously trying to make them sound like real music... The problem is, strumming songs usually need the singing to sound recognisable, and for beginners... buzzing chords and slow chord changes can be like a painstaking trek to the North Pole!

Option #2 - Complex fingerstyle arrangements

Although they sound impressive, most fingerstyle arrangements are more complicated than they need to be. They have too many "filler" notes which make the song significantly harder to play without adding any real substance to the song... meaning progress often moves at a snail's pace.

So, over the years, I've developed a simple solution called:

the "No Chord Fingerstyle" method

Which flips the way most people learn songs 

on its head

The "No Chord Fingerstyle" method will teach you in a step-by-step way how to play instantly recognisable songs.

This approach eliminates the need for singing, can help make slow chord changes a non-issue, and removes unnecessary complexity... This means even beginners can learn these songs, intermediates can enjoy them, and anyone hearing them will likely recognise the song.

It works like this:

  • We strip back a song to the melody played on one or two strings.
  • Add in some simple bass notes (strategically played as open strings where possible)
  • Finally, we introduce optional and simple embellishments (which are much like elves' fairy dust and sound stunning).

We do this for every song in the course from song #1 (which is Good King Wenceslas by the way). I'll talk more about the songs in a moment, but I must say:

This course isn't just about songs—it's about enhancing overall technique as shown in the "Getting Started" section.

This is what you will learn in that section alone:

  • The "7 Deadly Sins" of fingerstyle and the exact mistakes to avoid taken from my 10+ years and 1000s of hours of teaching guitar to beginners and intermediates alike
  • The nitty gritty power tips on how to strip back any arrangement to its simplest form so you can enjoy them... no matter what your current skill level
  • Discover essential techniques glossed over by 99% of guitar teachers, such as how to stop plucking the wrong strings, how to coordinate both hands, and the real secret to playing music that flows
  • A super simple four-note exercise to help you almost instantly improve your musicality
  • The two-finger "Segovia" classical technique to fingerpicking these arrangements (and any fingerstyle song) for better tone and rhythm
  • The amateur guitarist's guide to warming up quickly and effectively so your hands (1) feel better, (2) move more nimbly, and (3) are at less risk of repetitive strain injury and therefore less likely to develop osteoarthritis
  • A super obvious memory tip that many neglect but that can help you possibly save hours and weeks of frustration and forgetting when learning any song
  • The little-known pro secret tip for "counting" versus "feeling" and how both can quickly improve your timing when playing fingerstyle songs
  • The "10X Method" to end your most common hair-raising mistakes, including even the ones you may not consciously know about
  • How the Django Reinhardt-inspired "pairs" exercise will help you improve your fretting hand dexterity almost right away
  • A super basic but essential 20-second "cold killing" routine that all guitarists should do before playing... especially at Christmas
  • The three-letter "SVT" acronym that will almost guarantee you stop overwhelming yourself, you stop forgetting what you learn, and you don't need to keep checking the notation to play a song

From the very first video, we begin with a confidence-building lesson that starts with the basics and builds from there.

The techniques taught are tried and tested, and the songs are timeless. Speaking of which, I chose the following five Christmas carols simply because they fit the criteria of being recognisable, beautiful, fun to play, and enjoyable to learn. 

These tunes have also been incredibly popular with my students over the years and, as most Christmas carols have been around for 100+ years, you know they have stood the test of time. 

The FIVE stunning songs
you can start learning in the next few minutes are...

Watch a short demo below of a 

few songs from inside the course...

🎼 Good King Wenceslas 

Experience the Christmas spirit with the tale of "Good King Wenceslas", a carol reflecting generosity. You can start with any of the five carols, but this is the simplest carol taught and a great song to build your confidence.

Learn to add sparkle with slides, simplify the piece, spot repeats efficiently, play exciting embellishments, and incorporate a cool legato fill inspired by Jimi Hendrix!

🎼 Silent Night

Christmas Eve of 1914: amid the horror of war, soldiers from different nations sang "Silent Night" during a temporary ceasefire, before having a game of football in "no-man's-land". This emotive carol sends chills down my spine when I play it and the humanity in the tune is wonderful.

This beautiful guitar rendition begins simply and builds to a passionate crescendo. Learn it in a step-by-step way, explore the power of syncopation, fretboard utilisation, "partial chords", the "rolled" chord-picking technique, and a Tommy Emmanuel technique that will help set your playing apart.

🎼 The First Noel

An emotive carol that has been covered by music legends such as Andy Williams, Johnny Mathis, Whitney Houston, and many more. It's not usually played on the guitar but the lilting and beautiful melody is perfect for this instrument... Especially when we combine it with "Drop D" tuning and the "Quick Switch" method to play in this tuning.

Explore a super-simple melody on the high E string, enhanced by the rich and bassy low notes. In this arrangement, you'll discover how to use classical 'expression' like Julian Bream, and a delightful method for adding "chordal depth", making this a joy to learn.

🎼 Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

The inspiring and uplifting melody and beautiful chord changes make this one of my personal favourite carols to play ever. This is a favourite of many choirs and has been performed brilliantly by the likes of Frank Sinatra, and now you can add it to your repertoire too.

Inside, you will discover how to play simple bass runs, "outline" and simplify tricky chords stylishly, the elegant two-finger chord tip, the hidden beauty of simple diminished chords, and even how to play a big rock-style ending!

🎼 God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

It's a timeless 17th-century English carol that has travelled the world and has since become a cherished part of the holiday season covered by the likes of Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole, and heavy metal singer Dio!

Explore a fun arrangement learning a Jimi Hendrix "thumb over the top" trick for easier chords, the importance of an "anacrusis", and a Steve Vai-type slide lick... Plus, how to add harmony to spice up the simplest two-note melody, and a very dramatic way to end the piece using vibrato and a mini barre chord! 

Note: I teach the songs using fingerstyle, but don't fret if you're a picker, as I briefly teach the basics of "Hybrid picking" so all types of players are catered to.

Enjoy the Christmas course with lifetime access.

Return each year with a big smile, realising your growth as a guitarist. Teaching these songs brings immense joy to me each year as I see students' progress.

You can experience the same with this course, making one or more of these songs part of your repertoire, which you can play every single year.

...And because I want you to have a better understanding of the music you play While developing your songs and skills...

here's an Exclusive bonus section

Bonus #1 - The Stunning 5-Song Medley!

If you've ever heard Tommy Emmanuel's Beatles medley that helped to take him from an unsung hero to a worldwide superstar, you'll know the power of medleys.

...BUT unlike Tommy's medley, this is far simpler to learn.

"Medleys" are one of the most underrated things you can play on the guitar. Not only will they allow you to practise more in less time, they will help improve your skillset, and perfect your repertoire.

Imagine playing a five-song stunning medley of tunes which is less than two minutes in length. Play this purely for yourself OR watch as your loved ones smile in delight as they hear you play the tunes. Even the Grinch would enjoy this medley!

Bonus #2 - Tricks of the Tool Bag

Discover a few of my most exciting tips and tricks for spicing up any melody you play inside and outside of this course. This short little bonus includes:

  • An old-school and laughably obvious way to spice up any arrangement inspired by Slash and James Taylor
  • The simple "3 in 1" triplet tip for rhythmically jazzing up a melody while still keeping it in perfect time
  • The big mistake many make when playing pull-offs and the “catapult trick” to playing them better
  • How to use legato and add embellishments in the style of Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, and Jimmy Page
  • How I demystify 'vibrato' with students so you can practise it immediately, adding a David Gilmour-esque “shimmer” to your playing

Bonus #3 - Behind The Arrangements

Unlock the secrets with the quickstart "Behind the Arrangements" bonus videos.

Dive into basic theory, discovering keys, notation, and enhance your fretboard skills by playing "Silent Night" creatively on different strings and frets. Plus, enjoy a fun challenge to boost your fretboard expertise and turn melodies into bass riffs!

You'll discover how to:

- Understand the key you are playing in
- Grasp practical theory insights the pros use
- Explore the fretboard creatively
- Play melodies in various octaves
- Learn about common keys: C, D, and G
- Master the fretboard with an enjoyable challenge!

Bonus #4 - Strumming Essentials

In this very short and simple video bonus, I'll show you how to strum the tunes. 

Access simple tips, easy strumming patterns, and learn to strum in 3/4 and 4/4 time effortlessly. Plus, a truly “no-brainer” (yet almost always overlooked) way to strum any song, even if you don't know any strumming patterns yet!

Download the TAB/Notation for a quick chord reference, simplify strumming patterns for singing, and understand the importance of keeping things simple when singing.

Bonus #5 - Melody-Only Versions

Indulge in the joy of simple, lighthearted fun with the melody-only versions of the five arrangements taught in PDF form.

Crafted for guitarists who savour uncomplicated enjoyment, these versions are easy to play and showcase the essential "Level 1" elements of each tune. 

Jump in and get immediate confidence-building enjoyment—start playing and relishing the melody right away!

Get All The Tools Needed To Succeed

HD video, "one-click" downloads, full tAB, and notation with Lifetime access

Tailor your learning experience to suit your style and pace with our trackable lessons and gain confidence on your musical journey.

If you have any questions, simply leave a comment on the lesson page in question and you will get assistance.

Picture yourself in the festive season, surrounded by warmth, playing beautiful music, and sharing radiant notes with loved ones. Whether you're playing for yourself or entertaining others, savour every moment. Remember, the guitar and the skills from this course are for a lifetime, not just for Christmas. 

You seem to have looked at what every other guitar tutor puts across, then you cover it all, but you fill in the gaping holes of information that most others just gloss over.

I'm going to learn a lot from you, thank you for being so thorough. Great system Dan, thanks.

Ted G.


I'm a returning student from childhood, so basically a beginner. You are covering things that other instructors are not and it's making things more interesting and fun for me. 

I look forward to picking up my guitar every day and growing at a pace that is comfortable for me. Love the videos, too!!"

Mary Ann W.


 I am almost 63. I bought my first guitar about 6 months ago. I have stubby, arthritic fingers... and I'm having the time of my life. 

I won't quit because of courses like Dan's. Every day I learn something new, and really it is just for me. Thank you, Dan.

Mark A.


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In a few minutes, you can be enjoying this course and go on a journey of transforming your playing, once and for all...

What's In THe COURSE

  • A step-by-step HD video course on how to play beautiful renditions of 5 classic Christmas carols
  • Play these with elegance: "Good King Wenceslas", "Silent Night", "The First Noel", "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing", "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" 
  • Perfect for beginners to intermediates - ideal if you lack confidence or find playing songs a challenge and want more fun!
  • Get A Series Of short and Exclusive Bonuses on how to "unlock the fretboard", understand the theory of the songs, strum them, and play the impressive 5-song medley!
  • Downloadable HD videos and complete TAB and notation as well as a 90-day money-back guarantee


The current price is a bargain for the videos, downloads, TAB, notation, and step-by-step guidance... And the price will more than double after the sale ends.

You have a choice: Choose between traditional learning or a proven, instructor-guided approach with the Christmas Crackers course. 

Focus on mastering real songs, making progress this year and every Christmas, enjoying your playing, and gaining the confidence to play in front of others should you wish. The joy of being a one-man or one-woman band and playing bass, chords, and melody simultaneously awaits...

One more thing before buying: 

Although the arrangements are brand new, and I've never taught them outside of my studio before, some of the technique-building lessons in the "Getting Started" section have been covered in my other resources. However, "recapping" the same key lessons and principles is crucial. The course is NOT a long course. The bonus section is short and concise and not meant to be super in-depth but more of an overview of the techniques and lessons mentioned. In fact, it takes less than 2 hours to watch the whole course but there are plenty of nuggets of wisdom throughout.

So, if you want key reminders of the basics and aspire to learn stunning songs, this is the course for you—but only if you apply what I teach, practise with focus, and are open to new ideas. Otherwise, it won't do much good for anyone if you get this.

Merry Christmas and keep on rockin' that guitar

Dan Thorpe

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