It's time for a rock-solid plan and one-to-one support to get you achieving your goals in the next 6 weeks and beyond!

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Be part of the first wave of Dan Thorpe’s new 6-week "Kickstarter" one-to-one coaching programme!

Be aware – This is NOT like weekly Zoom lessons, it is expensive, and it requires your focus... but this will give you real results!

If you want rock-solid clarity with your guitar playing in the next 6 weeks and beyond, this is for you...

A lot of guitarists out there need more focus and a clear plan.  

In my new "Kickstarter" coaching programme, I will use my extensive 11 years of full-time teaching experience to help you fix your bad habits, play more musically, become a better musician, and help you reach a specific goal.

We will do this in two clear ways:

#1 - Your "big goal" 

Most people have something they would absolutely love to achieve on the guitar. Some people aren't quite sure what that is yet, but either way, I will help you get clarity with your big goal while reducing overwhelm.

We will work backwards from your "big goal" over the next 6 weeks and I'll tell you in small bite-size steps exactly what you need to do to reach this goal. I will meet you where you are at with your playing currently.

For you, your "big goal" may be playing five songs, learning your first full song, writing a song, performing live, or anything else. It's your big goal, but I will help you achieve it and guide you if you are unsure what it is you want to achieve.

#2 - Improve the five things that matter most

One thing I want to make sure of is that we improve all your core guitar skills, so you become a more rounded and confident guitarist.

I break down the core skills of guitar playing into five areas. These are:

  • Technique
  • Musicality
  • Motivation
  • Repertoire
  • Planning

We will improve each of the above areas in specific ways.

At the start of the coaching programme, we will analyse what your "score" out of ten is for each of the above areas. After week 3, and then again at the end of the 6 weeks, we will check them again. This will give us clarity on where you are at and the progress you are making.

Okay, if that sounds good, here are the specifics of how the Kickstarter coaching works...

Starting off: A Tailor-Made "Big Plan" Just For You!

Once you sign up, we will book you in for an introductory Zoom call.

This will help me get to know you a little more, answer any questions you may have, and ask you some questions to find out exactly what your big goal will be.

It will be a zero-pressure, laid-back call.

I won't expect you to perform live on video or anything like that (although you can if you like). I know the thought of playing guitar on a live Zoom call is horrifying to many. Yes, I want to help get you confident enough to play anywhere, but I will not put you on the spot. Instead, if you know me, you know I will be supportive and make sure to work with you at a level that is comfortable for you.

After the call, we will have your "big goal" to work on for the next 6 weeks and that leads us on to this:

Weekly "Primary" goals

To ensure you make proper progress, I will set you a new weekly "primary" goal.

These are simple, laser-focused, and specific to YOU. The weekly goal will relate to your "big goal" in a way where we will get you achieving it but in smaller bite-size and achievable chunks.

There will also be bonus "secondary" goals which are optional and designed to further help you on your journey and help you improve the five areas of guitar playing as discussed earlier, but these secondary goals are optional and are there only if you get any extra time to practise.

Once Per Week "Check-Ins"

Without accountability, goals often don't get achieved. Therefore, I will make you accountable (and in a fun way).

Once per week, I will send you an email for you to "check in". 

Your reply is your way of letting me know how you are getting on with the specific goal. 

It's also a great time to ask for specific help. 

Once I have your reply, I'll record a video reply, which I will send via WhatsApp.

This video will feature your new primary goal for the following week, along with any advice to help you with anything you got stuck on in the previous week.

This will give you rock-solid weekly support, but you will also get support throughout the week too...

Direct access to me Via My Phone for specific help!

Unlike normal one-to-one tuition, you will get regular support from me.

Stuck on a technical issue? Have a question? Want me to help fix a playing issue? 

Send me a message on my work phone. 

I'll record a quick video and send it back to you.

If you like, you can record yourself playing and I will help guide you (don't worry, I only need to see your hands and the videos will be 100% private) or I can just answer your question to the best of my ability. 

My replies: I will block out time to reply to you on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I may be able to respond faster, but those are the three main days. Please send in your question/query early on those days or ideally the day before as it might take me 12-18 hours to reply (due to time zone differences and me having a busy life). 

I use WhatsApp for phone communication as this is a fast, free, and easy app that works for both iPhone and Android phones. 

Okay, that is the ongoing support throughout the week, but you will also have this...

"Checkpoint" and "Follow Up" Calls

I want you to see REAL results from when we begin to when we end the 6 weeks of coaching.

Therefore, we will have two catch-up sessions for 30 minutes each. 

The "Checkpoint" Call - Around the 3-week mark, we will have a Zoom call to reassess your goals and make sure you are on the right path. This is a great time for you to ask questions and for us to make any adjustments to your plan.

Follow-Up Call - At the end of the 6 weeks, we will book another call. This can be exactly at the 6-week mark or it can be 10 weeks from starting the coaching programme (no later though, as I don't want you to forget about the call!). 

Both of the above calls will help reaffirm everything we have done and will help to ensure more progress for the future!

The above are the main elements of the coaching programme, but below are three bonuses you will get (but I might not offer these again)...

Bonus #1 - I Will Create an Arrangement for a Song You Want to Learn 

Have you ever wanted to learn a song but never quite found a way to play that suits you?

Sometimes the arrangement you learn can be boring, too tough, or just not that inspiring. Well, to flip that on its head, I will create a song arrangement for you. 

Personally, I think my "No Chord Fingerstyle" arrangements are the way to go for most people. I say that because they are unique, easy to play, and they sound great. I can, of course, do a strumming version or a fingerpicking version of a song, if you prefer.

Important Note #1: Once you choose your song, it will take around 14 days to get the arrangement done. It may be faster, but please expect it to take 14 days. 

Important Note #2: I will not be teaching this in video - only via TAB and notation, but you will also get the audio tracks too. Videos take a lot of time with editing, set up, etc., but for most guitarists, TAB, notation, and audio will be more than enough.

Bonus #2 - Your Super Specific Daily Practice Plan

As mentioned earlier, it's also essential we get you improving the five core skills on the guitar. 

Therefore, I will give you a tailor-made daily practice plan.

This is something that will likely last around 10 minutes and doing it regularly, even just a few times per week, will help you make short- and long-term progress with the five core areas.

Bonus #3 - A Free Copy Of One Of My Books

You'll also get the choice of any of the following paperback books posted out to you for free.

This is to help you make long-term progress and have even more fun on the guitar, both now and in the future. Simply choose which book you would like and let me know. We will get it sent out to you the next working day. 

All of these are paperback books (but one of them is currently being printed as a spiral-bound book).

Most of these books are currently not for sale.

The choices of books include:

- Guitarists Get Theory (spiral-bound - this will be ready mid-May)

- The Ultimate Guide to Strumming

- Fearless Fingerstyle (not for sale)

- Fingerstyle 101

- 13 Ways to Escape the Acoustic Asylum (not for sale)

- Essential Guitar Technique (not for sale as paperback)

When you join the "Kickstarter" programme, I will send the book out to you for free (and I am covering the cost of shipping too). 

Are you ready to begin a special journey?

Okay, to wrap it up, the "Kickstarter" coaching programme is a 6-week plan for a one-off payment (although you can pay in two instalments if you prefer). 

I'm offering this to Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy members before anyone else. 

Cost - The price for this 6-week coaching will be $799, but for DTAA members, this will be $599 to begin with. This is for the first five people only. After that, I may increase the price. It is expensive, of course, but you will get the best I can give you. 

No refunds - As you can imagine, there are no refunds on this. It will take me time to provide this service to you so there are no refunds.

Limited spaces - Once I enrol five students, I will close this offer for the time being. I may not offer this again. I say that because it has to be enjoyable for me as well as productive for you. I would love to get your feedback at the end of this and will do what I can to help you. This is the first "round" of coaching I am doing here and if/when I do open it up again, the price may well increase.

Other important points...

- Time for the calls. The Zoom calls will take place on Thursday and Saturday afternoons UK time (up to 6 pm). We are 8 hours ahead of Pacific time.

- If there are technical issues in your playing, I will need to see you play at some point. Don't worry, it's low-pressure stuff and you can just record a 20-second snippet of your hands to send to me via WhatsApp.

- I won't be doing "research" or teaching songs via video or anything like that. In reality, this coaching is all about tapping into my vast experience to give you what works. There are millions of lessons out there already - more lessons is not what 99% of guitarists need. It's personalised support and having a teacher by your side to help you. 

- I know 99.9% of people reading this will not need me to say this. One thing is important to say, I am busy and I will do my all to help you, but this isn't about having lots of back and forth each day, and lots of interactions - that will likely just lead to inaction. Instead, this is about clear, actionable support and guidance.

- You have to be aware I cannot do it all for you. Although I can get you on the road to success, you will have to follow the goals I give you. It won't take a lot of time each day, but it will require focus. All the other lessons you have ever purchased from me or elsewhere will be waiting for you after the 6 weeks. These 6 weeks are all about getting big results and building your playing for the future!

If you are happy with all of the above, and you are ready to join, please email Dan and we will send you the payment link. We will then get you set up and ready to make massive progress! 

Update: there are just four spaces left for this first round of coaching and I expect they will be snapped up soon.

Thanks for putting your faith in me and my lessons. It really does mean a lot!

If you have any questions at all, I am more than happy to answer them. Just email me...

I'm rooting for your success!

Dan Thorpe

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