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Fearless Fingerstyle

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Fearless Fingerstyle is the sequel to Fingerstyle 101, and it is perfect for you if you want to:

  • Improve your technique so you can play your favourite songs at a higher level
  • Transform even the most simple song, making it instantly sparkle with excitement
  • Play, jam, and perform the music you dream of without your fingers letting you down

The Fingerstyle 101 book you have purchased is all about the picking hand. Fearless Fingerstyle is all about the fretting hand and together these two books will help elevate your fingerpicking playing to the next level. 

Inside this PDF, you will discover:

  • 8 powerful techniques pros such as James Taylor, Tommy Emmanuel, Andrés Segovia, Paul Simon, Chet Atkins, and many more have used to stun audiences for decades.
  • Discover the "tools of the trade" such as bass runs, "double stops", slides, "partial chords", and much more that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up as you play with elegance.
  • How a small amount of theory can help "glue" your playing together and give you clarity of the fretboard, terminology, and everything you play.
  • Clear and easy-to-follow instructions, 40 x simple and sophisticated musical examples (with high-quality downloadable MP3s), and an extra printable TAB/notation sheet featuring every piece of music from the book.
  • Plus, for a limited time, you'll get the "Expanded Extras" featuring the "Showpiece Song", a "Lost Chapter" on the beauty of harmonics, and a stunning classical song that you've probably heard 1000 times but never learnt on the guitar (yet it is perfect for the guitar). 

You may be able to trawl YouTube for hours on end trying to find lessons like these... but if you want clarity, an action plan, and a clear and concise guide, this is it.

Get lifetime access to download the PDF of Fearless Fingerstyle, so if you are not ready to use these secrets yet, the book will be ready and waiting when you are ready. 

It's time to end the fingerstyle frustration and become a Fearless Fingerstyle guitarist – one who can play beautiful music like you're meant to.

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Take your fingerpicking playing to the next level

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Take your fingerpicking playing to the next level, just like these readers have done:

Charles E. Hicks


Fearless Fingerstyle is one of the best books for the starting fingerstyle guitarist. Explanations and audio are outstanding and easy to follow. My hat off to Dan Thorpe.

A.J. Wyse


This is a brilliant guide to fingerstyle playing. Dan explains everything very clearly and with examples that are a pleasure to play. I've made significant progress over the last month with this book, complemented by some of Dan's other videos and eBooks. He's an excellent teacher.

Christine Roberts


This isn't my first purchase by this author and I'm pleased to say that this looks as comprehensive and educational as the others. It has a pleasing easy style of teaching.

Colin Newcombe


Not my first purchase from Dan and sure it won't be the last. Clear instruction in a relaxed manner ideal for any guitar student. Can't wait to get further into it, this guy has been a great help to me!

Catherine Pope


Excellent Book. Just what I was looking for, it has helped me so much in my quest to teach myself fingerstyle.

Andrew F.


I'm a beginner, older player and I find lessons easy to understand and follow. I'm very happy with the purchase.

Jon Hopkins


I was stuck with my guitar progress and then found Dan. His material is excellent, easy to follow and makes a lot of sense. I am already starting to see a way forward with my musical journey.

Anne P.


Another fantastic book by Dan Thorpe. The book is well structured and clear. It ‘speaks’ to you almost as if Dan is in front of you giving you a lesson. Each chapter flows logically into the next with a good mix of easy to understand theory and practice exercises to reinforce the theory. The building blocks soon start to stack up and you get visible results. Can’t get enough of this author’s books.

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