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Guitarists Get Theory (Book)

I'm super excited you have joined the academy. As thanks, here is an exclusive offer that you may enjoy - my book on theory.

Feel free to say "no" but this book can be a useful tool on your journey. 

If you don't want it today, you can still purchase this book at a later date inside the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy member's area.

Here is just some of what is inside Guitarists Get Theory:

  • Fully understand everything you need to know about practical music theory for beginners and in a clear, simple, and highly useful way!
  • Specifically made for guitarists... with lots of fun examples, mini quizzes, highly engaging, and new ways of teaching theory than most people use!
  • Special offer - I do not sell this book anymore apart from to DTAA members. When I put it on general sale, it will cost $97 but you can get it today with FREE worldwide delivery for just $67.

Please note: due to this being a physical book, there are no refunds on this book. 

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