Learn how to play the exciting 12-bar blues shuffle with a 1-hour focused course detailing every step of the way

If you enjoy the blues and want to play the 12-bar shuffle using a pick, with some fun riffs and licks, read on...

Below is a little snippet of what this course is about. Take a listen and read on to find out more...

  • Do you enjoy the blues and want to learn how to play it?
  • Do you want to have endless hours of jamming fun?
  • Or do you want to play this fun style to add a new dimension to your guitar playing?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above or you have ever struggled with the blues in the past, this course could be the solution for you…

Check out the first of Dan Thorpe’s new Mini Masterclass series of courses where you get laser-sharp focus on one thing, and one thing only. 

In this course, that thing is how to have lots of fun with the blues shuffle.

The blues is fun.

It is the origin of so much music and…

Playing the blues even in a simple way is instantly recognisable to almost everyone.

Learning the 12-bar shuffle is a simple way to impress your loved ones, take a break from other styles of playing with something totally different, and most importantly...

Have more fun on the guitar.

That is why I created this simple course that teaches you to play the 12-bar blues shuffle on guitar…

All so you can relax, jam the blues, and let your loved ones and neighbours hear the authentic, exciting sound of the blues shuffle resonate from your guitar.

No more frustrations trying to learn the blues on your own.

So many people try to learn this sort of thing from YouTube, but they get stuck.

With this course, there is no need to search for how to play the blues, no more worrying about if you are learning it in the right order, and...

No more getting frustrated because there is no plan or a teacher “starts off well but loses you along the way”.

It is all done for you in this course.

The course is taught in the same way I teach private students how to learn the blues shuffle.

We start simply and build it up over 2-6 months (but you can go faster if you want to, as unlike in lessons, you can use this course anytime).

For many, what is inside will be a whole new world of playing, and the course is divided into two levels to suit both beginners and intermediates.

Be warned though – this is NOT a “complete” A to Z course on the blues

The course is NOT a fully fledged blues course.

It is a laser-focused course on one style of blues in one key with one aim…

To get you confidently playing the awesome blues shuffle.

It is also NOT a long course.

It is only 1 hour and 2 minutes in length (broken up into videos lasting about 3-7 minutes).

This next point is important...

To learn this style, you will need to put some time and effort in (15 minutes per day is a good amount) and you will have to be patient.

It will be really useful if you can read TAB as the videos and TAB work hand in hand. 

The blues shuffle can be tricky at first.

Some guitarists “get it” right away, but for some, it takes lots of repetition for a week or so just to get the basic groove down...

Then you have to build it up chunk by chunk, be methodical, and then slowly put it all together.

After that, it requires more patience and focus when adding in the licks and riffs…

If all that sounds like too much hard work, it is probably best to avoid this course.

I only want students to purchase it if they will use it, put in the effort, and over the next few months, reap the fun rewards of being able to play a 12-bar blues!

I know the importance of getting the fundamentals sorted for all guitarists...

That is why Part 1 of this course covers the basics of the 12-bar blues in a super steady and methodical way and Part 2 builds upon it.

Two levels for your blues success

This is how the two levels of the course work:

Part 1 - takes you by the hand and guides you on how to play a blues sound that we have all heard in countless records over the years. 

  • Learn the simple shuffle as heard in many blues records such as the crackly old Robert Johnson recordings, Chuck Berry rock 'n' roll, and a whole lot of what masters like Eric Clapton play. 
  • This section will teach you how to get a rock-solid blues foundation everyone needs (remember, you need to be patient and use the course regularly). 
  • Are you an experienced blues player? If so, this section may be a good refresher to fill in any gaps in your blues playing, knowledge, terminology, and technique.

Part 2 - takes the above and ramps it up to another level where you will learn a specific piece I teach private students. 

  • Here you will learn how to play a variety of fun blues licks, riffs, and even a simple turnaround.
  • Even better, I show you how to incorporate all of these into what you learnt in Part 1 in a seamless way - giving you a fun, up-tempo blues piece to jam (the one heard at the top of this page).
  • The things you will learn here are inspired by the likes of Eric Clapton, John Lee Hooker, Stevie Ray Vaughan, B.B. King, Buddy Guy, and more. 
  • It certainly won’t make you play to their standard (it takes more than one short course to be able to do that). It will, however, give you some blues fun and a deeper look at the techniques these legends use.

This “Mini Masterclass” course is a step-by-step HD video course, with “trackable” lessons so you know which ones you have completed.

The course can be downloaded in two file sizes (small and large) and comes complete with TAB too.

The TAB file is very cool too.

You don’t just get the TAB, you also get my notes and my exact step-by-step plan for learning all this stuff.

All in the same way I have taught it to students over the years.

Here are just some of the things you will learn…

  • Specific tips on how to play the legendary blues shuffle as played in many classic songs.
  • Learn the complete 12-bar blues structure that makes jamming the blues a breeze once you know how.
  • A specific Stevie Ray Vaughan triplet Texas blues style lick.
  • Precise, detailed instructions on how to pick every note with verbal descriptions.
  • Super precise details, including exactly which direction (up or down) to pluck notes for accurate picking and smoother playing.
  • The secret behind why many guitar legends can jam the blues on stage in front of 1000s effortlessly.
  • What exactly is meant by the I-IV-V chords, why you may already know them, and exactly how to play each.
  • How to adapt any blues piece to neatly slot in your own riffs and licks (without painstaking frustration).
  • How to play the blues scale, how to jam it, and why learning it one string at a time is far more fun than trying to cram it all in at once!

Plus, feel like part of the band as you jam along with me using the audio tracks.

These audio tracks are downloadable and made for you to jam with – they feature me playing the pieces as well as a drums-only version.

There are two versions of the tracks:

  • Version 1 features the drumbeats AND the music so you can play along with me! This is perfect for helping you to learn the pieces faster.
  • Version 2 features the drums-only so you can play the pieces you have learnt along with a drummer and feel like part of the band in a smoky good ol’ blues club!

(You will also get these tracks at slowed down speeds too).

  • How to have fun with a super simple two-note blues riff.
  • How to play a fun and super melodic blues turnaround you will have probably heard dozens of times.
  • Exact instructions on changing between the three chords so you can play the blues with fluency and have fun.
  • Learn one of the most useful, delightful, "smoky" blues riffs in about 1 minute.
  • Little licks you can play on the V and IV chords.
  • Get taken back in time to the ‘50s and learn one of the most classic blues riffs ever.
  • An easy little way to simplify the tricky V chord.
  • Download every single video in two file sizes (“light” and super HD) or just stream them all online, making it as easy as possible for you to use the course.
  • A complete summary of what you have learnt, including a descriptive PDF.

In short, with this course, you will get the same exact steps I use to teach blues to private students, all laid out as a plan for you to follow.

You will get it for a bargain price keeping in mind you get it all - the videos, downloads, TAB, notation, audio tracks/drumbeats, for this small price...

Which is a small price for the months and years of fun the blues can give you.

90-day Money-Back Guarantee

Purchase With Confidence...It's Risk Free!

If for any reason you don't like this course or find it is not for you, you can get a full refund anytime within 90 days of your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch and me or my assistant will help you out or give you a swift refund.

What you will get Inside "The 12-bar blues mini masterclass"

  • A short but in-depth course on the 12-bar blues shuffle 
  • Complete detailed instruction
  • Fully downloadable TAB, notation, and notes
  • Six audio tracks to jam along with
  • 90-day money-back guarantee


You can pay either by PayPal, debit or credit card and remember, there is a 90-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

Hit the ‘add to cart’ button below and...

In a few minutes, you can be enjoying this in-depth course.

One that will take you on a journey of transforming your blues playing, once and for all...

P.S. To wrap it up, I just want to clarify what this course is NOT...

Just to be ultra-clear, here is what is NOT in the course. It is:

  • NOT a fingerpicking course - I teach this using a pick.
  • NOT a course teaching the blues in lots of keys. The blues you will learn is in one key with two variations of it.
  • NOT a course with lots and lots of licks and riffs – no, this is to the point with a handful of each.
  • NOT a course on playing blues solos - it is a rhythm course that incorporates lead riffs and licks but no solos.
  • NOT a long course - it is just 1 hour 2 minutes in length.

I find those courses and books called things like “learn 100 killer blues licks” to be pointless hype where I only ever use a couple of these licks and find the rest hard to use... 

In this course, each lick and riff is seamlessly incorporated into the 12-bar blues for you.

Anyway, it is a fun, short, and exciting course that will help you learn the blues if you are new to it, and it will help you take it further, expand upon it, and develop it, if you already know the basic shuffle.

Only give it a go if you have the dedication and desire to put in the time and effort needed.

If you do, a fun style of guitar playing will await you.

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