Would you also like to learn a classic Travis picking song in a super detailed step-by-step way?

Build your confidence as you learn the powerful song "Tom Dooley" using a structured plan, and if you are looking to...

  • Play a stunning solo fingerstyle song
  • Improve your fingerpicking technique
  • Sing and strum + sing and fingerpick at the same time 
  • Take a course that is fun and ideal for beginners

...Then this short, focused step-by-step course could be perfect for you and it's...

Ideal if you are short on time or need help with the basics.

This Mini-Masterclass is a fully downloadable HD video course where you can slow down the videos, and go at a pace that suits you.

It comes with complete TAB/notation to make the learning process as simple as possible.

The song is a classic Travis picking song about a U.S. soldier from 1866 called "Tom Dooley".

It has been covered by The Kingston Trio, Doc Watson, Bing Crosby, Lonnie Donegan, Neil Young, and even actor Harry Dean Stanton... so you know it's good!

There are 3 parts to the course which allow you to learn the song in a methodical, step-by-step way.

Part 1 - DISCOVER The Fundamentals  

  • Build up your confidence while learning all the basics of how to Travis pick in a step-by-step way
  • Play the simple bassline and powerful melody on their own, giving you confidence-building fun without confusion
  • Perfect if you are an absolute beginner, new to fingerpicking, or you lack confidence

Part 2 - PLAY The Stunning Solo Fingerstyle Arrangement

  • Become a "one-man/woman band" as you play the bass, melody, and chords all at once! 
  • Impress others and yourself with this exciting arrangement that is taught one bar at a time in a structured and easy-to-follow way
  • As it is based around an 8-bar repeating loop, this is an arrangement that you may even learn pretty fast

Part 3 - SING and strum/fingerpick the song

  • Enjoy singing? Sing and strum the song with a version ideal for beginners, with a choice of 3 easy strumming patterns. 
  • Sing and fingerpick the song using two classic Travis patterns - ideal for those who struggle to play and sing at the same time.
  • How to put everything you have learnt together to make a version that suits your skill level, right now

Simply follow the instructions so you can build confidence and your skillset going forward. 

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