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I encourage ALL guitarists to learn a variety of styles and learn different things.

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One rule I say to all students, especially those who are struggling, is:

"Do something fun each day, and aim to improve one tiny thing - no matter how small".

These lessons will help with this rule and will help you have more fun.

What's inside?

  • How to play a beautiful fingerstyle arrangement of "Air on a G String" - the classic J.S. Bach piece.
  • Speed up the 10 most common chord changes using one simple trick.
  • Learn how to play the scales, chords, and the most common chord progressions in the key of G Major with this 1-page cheat sheet.
  • 6 powerful quick tips to improve your barre chords with ZERO soreness or pain.
  • The single best way to have endless improvisational fun using the chords you already know how to play.
  • 5 new and easy to play fingerpicking patterns that you can use in real songs, and you can learn in just minutes.
  • Learn the most important notes on the fretboard using a simple and methodical system - in less than 3 days.
  • A step-by-step beginner's guide on how to play percussive fingerstyle to make it sound like you're jamming with a drummer. 
  • 3 simple 200 year-old classically inspired tips to improve your fingerstyle tone right away .
  • The 32 chord chart PDF teaching you exactly which chords I recommend you learn and in which exact order.
  • 3 ways on how to spice up the Chuck Berry blues shuffle (and learn it in full too).
  • The "Bullseye Cheat Sheet" for working out songs by ear - using a simple diagram of a dart board. No theory needed!
  • Get your double denim and cowboy boots on and have fun learning the Johnny Cash-esq country sound in The Bluffer's Guide To Country Guitar!

Plus, when you order today, you will get my no-longer-for-sale eBook, Fingerstyle Fun!

This guide will teach you how to improvise, jam, and have endless noodling, fun when fingerpicking. 

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